What is insurance in HYIPs and how does it work?


Insurance (protection against losses) - compensation to the investor for funds lost in the event of a project closure.

Insured - investment projects in which investors of the BLOG4INVEST blog are provided with full or partial compensation for losses in case of project closure.

This is an advantageous offer, since after the scam of the project we will compensate you for the losses incurred or part of them. Our blog has a section "Insured", which contains projects insured for a certain amount. Insurance can be provided by the project admin or we can use our own funds, the investor does not pay for insurance!

We also often have unscheduled insurance payments, that is, the project may not be insured, but we are pulling money out of our pocket and compensating for the losses of investors, often to break even.


Conditions and rules for obtaining insurance

You must be our partner in the project for which compensation is requested.

  1. If you order a bonus for project X, you are applying for insurance for project X. Important! If you did not order bonuses, you are not applying for insurance. If for one of the deposits / reinvestments you did not request a bonus, this deposit / reinvest is not subject to insurance. To insure a deposit made on the day of the scam, an application for a bonus is also a prerequisite.

  2. One of the prerequisites for receiving compensation is a comment about receiving a bonus (cashback) from our blog. Leave a comment under the review article of the project for which you received a bonus.

  3. Attention! If at the time of filling out the application for compensation you did not have time to receive the bonus, then the comment should sound like this: "The bonus has not yet arrived." 
    The process is automated, so "other" text may not be counted by our system. Use only: "Bonus has not arrived yet."

  4. Only deposits created according to our recommended investment plans are subject to insurance (at the beginning of each project overview they are marked as "Optimal investment plans", you can view them in the "General information" section).
    Sometimes projects include non-working investment plans. These plans are not only not insured, but also NOT recommended for investment.
  5. The amount of simultaneously active deposits in one project from $ 800 inclusive and more - is not subject to insurance! Don't forget about diversification. Example: the volume of the investment portfolio is $ 1,000, it will be optimal to invest in 8-12 investment projects at $ 80-125 each.
  6. Correct filling of the application for compensation. Carefully check the links you attach to the form. Personal account screenshots serve as confirmation of the loss, so it is important to provide working links.
  7. Important! If the project website does not open at the time of applying for insurance and you did not have time to take the necessary screenshots of your personal account, then you need to attach screenshots with EPS to the form.

How do you calculate your loss?

Let's say you entered the project in the amount of $ 100, received a cashback of $ 10 from the blog, managed to withdraw $ 60 from the project, which means your loss is: $ 100 - $ 10 - $ 60 = $ 30.

Important! How to calculate your loss and the amount that is subject to insurance when reinvesting?

Example 1: the first deposit in the project is $ 100 - the investment period has ended, and you decided to reinvest the same $ 100. We consider:

  • First deposit - $ 100
  • Received profit for the first deposit - $ 110
  • Reinvest (second deposit) - $ 100
  • Received profit for the second deposit - managed to withdraw 5 $
  • Received a bonus from the blog for the first contribution - $ 7
  • Received a blog bonus for reinvesting - $ 7

Loss = 100 - 110 + 100 - 5 - 7 - 7 = $ 71 - the amount that is subject to insurance.

Example 2: the first deposit in the project is $ 100 - the investment period has not ended yet, they withdrawn $ 60 and decided to reinvest the same $ 60 + $ 20 of theirs, then you need to count as follows:

  • First deposit - $ 100
  • Received profit for the first deposit - $ 66 (60 + 6 managed to withdraw after creating 2 deposits)
  • Reinvest (second deposit) - $ 80 (60 + 20 own)
  • Received profit for the second deposit - managed to withdraw 5 $
  • Received a bonus from the blog for the first contribution - $ 7
  • Received a blog bonus for reinvesting - $ 7

Loss = 100 - 66 + 80 - 5 - 7 - 7 = $ 95 - the amount that is subject to insurance.

Let's say the size of the insurance fund for the project is $ 500. In the event of an insured event, investors who registered using our affiliate link and applied for cashback receive insurance (minus cashback and profit) proportional to the loss incurred.

Situation 1: The total amount of the loss of all participants does not exceed the size of the insurance fund.

In this case, each participant will receive full compensation for the incurred loss, minus the profit received.

Let's say six participants have contributed:
100 $
300 $
200 $
300 $
500 $
500 $

Managed to display:
400 $ (profit 300 $)
550 $ (profit 250 $)
200 $ (breakeven)
$ 200 ($ 100 loss)
$ 300 (loss $ 200)
$ 300 (loss $ 200)

Then the total loss will be $ 500 and the 4-5-6 participant will receive full compensation for the loss incurred.

Situation 2: The total loss of all participants exceeds the size of the insurance fund.

In this case, each participant will receive compensation in proportion to the loss incurred, minus the profit received.

Let's say six participants have invested:
1,000 $
300 $
50 $
100 $
15 $
10 $

At the time of the occurrence of the insured event, the alignment was as follows:
The first participant withdrew $ 500 ($ 500 loss)
The second participant withdrew $ 300 (loss $ 0)
The third participant withdrew $ 0 ($ 50 loss)
The fourth participant withdrew $ 150 ($ 0 loss + $ 50 profit) went to the second round $ 50
The fifth participant withdrew $ 5 (loss $ 10)
The sixth participant withdrew $ 12 (loss 0 $ + profit 2 $)

The total loss is $ 560. Since three participants broke even and two of them made a profit, they do not participate in the deposit insurance program. The insured amount of $ 500 will be divided proportionally between the remaining three participants in the following proportions:
The first participant receives $ 446.43
Third participant receives $ 44.64
The fifth participant receives $ 8.93

How do I get compensation?

To receive an insurance payment, you must fill out the form that we attach in case of a scam in the review article of the project.

Important! Applications for compensation for losses are accepted only through the FORM and within the time allotted for this. All other options (via social networks, Telegram, YouTube, mail, etc.) are excluded and will not be considered by the blog team as an alternative way to get insurance. The link to the form and information on the deadlines for accepting applications is always indicated in the overview article of the project.

If several deposits were made in the project (for example, all deposits were made at the same time, or when the second deposit was made - there were no charges for the first one) that are not considered reinvestment - we send an application for insurance for each deposit SEPARATELY. 1 deposit = 1 application. Otherwise, the insurance request may be IGNORED!

Profit must be withdrawn ALWAYS! If the profit is accrued daily, withdraw it every day. If the profit is accrued once a month, withdraw it once a month. If you did not withdraw it on time, then when calculating the insurance, we will keep in mind that the funds were withdrawn, since you had such an opportunity. For in this case, you are taking insurance from people who adhered to all the rules. So consider this!

If the amount of losses declared by you differs significantly from the real one, the request for compensation may be IGNORED!

If you write in the line that is intended for a screenshot of your personal account - "the site does not open, I can not take a screenshot" or "I can not go to the website / personal account", etc., but in fact the site is working - the request for insurance will be IGNORED! When the site does not open, try accessing it from other browsers, in most cases this solves the problem.

Once again, we strongly draw your attention to this point! Very often we hear excuses of something like this: "I didn't manage to withdraw funds because I was busy / forgot / got sick / there were more important things to do, etc.". We do not accept any excuses. We also do not always have time, but we understand perfectly well that if you do not withdraw profit in time, you can lose it. And the systematic loss of profit will ultimately lead to a loss!

If you are indifferent to your money, that is, you do not withdraw profit as often as possible, then you miscalculate the loss - then we do not care either. Next time, we will simply reject such an application.

To avoid fraud, compensation is paid only to those details of the wallet for which you RECEIVED a BONUS from our blog.

Bonus and insurance payment regulations

Cashback (bonus) is paid taking into account the rules for withdrawal in the project:

  • If there is an auto payment or instant (instant withdrawal) in the project, the cashback is paid within 24 hours.
  • If there are manual payments in the project, then the cashback is paid according to the payment regulations in the project + 24 hours. Example: the schedule of payments in the project is 24-72 hours. Accordingly, in this mode we also receive partner payments. In this case, cashback payment is carried out within 48-96 hours.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, payments can take up to 4 business days. Saturday, Sunday and holidays are non-working days.

The whole process of ordering and paying out insurance takes 1-4 business days. Claims for compensation are collected within 24 hours; then they are counted and checked, we filter out scammers and clarify various points; when everything is calculated and clarified, we make payments of compensation.

Please do not tug at us with questions like: "And when insurance comes for project X or project Y", your every message distracts the finance department from its work and thereby slows down payments to the entire team of investors.

If there is a delay in the payment of a bonus or insurance from us, then there are reasons for that (we will clarify something else, someone from the financial department got sick, there is a holiday on the street, and you thought it was a working day, etc.), do not worry, we will pay everyone everything.

We inform about the payment of cashback and insurance in writing to the e-mail address that you indicated when filling out the form for bonus / insurance.


Attention! Fill out the bonus / insurance form carefully. Duplicate applications for bonus / insurance, incorrectly specified amount of the deposit, the amount of bonuses and profits received (in the case of insurance) - will be perceived as a fraud - the blog reserves the right not to pay you anything.

In the event that we find that you are violating the rules of the blog or conduct a non-loyal policy in relation to the blog, we reserve the right to refuse to pay the bonus or insurance.

For questions about not receiving cashback or insurance, write to [email protected], but before that, be sure to make sure that exactly 4 WORKING days have passed, and not calendar days. All comments on the blog on this topic will be deleted without viewing, as due to the large flow of posts, requests for payments are lost and the finance department cannot process them.

In order for your requests to be processed as quickly as possible, below is an example of submitting a request to the support service.


Recommendations and an example of submitting a support request

We draw the attention of investors! When submitting an appeal to support the blog, we strongly recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

  1. Subject of the appeal (insurance for project X, bonus for project X, consultation, proposal, wish, etc.)
  2. Login, ID or other identifier in the project (if the question concerns a bonus / insurance).
  3. Date and amount of the deposit (if the question is about bonus / insurance).
  4. The Subject.

These rules and recommendations will significantly speed up the processing of your application!