What is HYIP and how to make money on it?


HYIPs (from English HYIP - High Yield Investment Program) are investment projects that pay income to an investor at the expense of funds that new investors have invested. In other words, hype is a pyramid. The term "hyip" is more often used to refer to a pyramid on the Internet. Usually, HYIP projects look like investment funds.

In this article, I would like to share some tricks that will help you make good money on investments in HYIPs. Make yourself comfortable, it will be interesting!


Hyip and its types on the Internet

Low profit hyip

This category is the most "tenacious" and can exist for years. Such a HYIP project offers its investors a small percentage of profitability - from 8% to 15% per month. He also lives for a long time also because he often puts on the mask of an investment project, which I like more to call "Trust management, which does not have confirmation of its activities (Pseudo DU)". The standard of Pseudo DU can be considered the investment project MMSIS Index TOP 20.

Distinguishing HYIP from Pseudo DU is difficult. On various Internet resources and forums on Internet investments, they are also mixed with each other due to the difficulty of differentiation. Pseudo DU projects are also called "Premium HYIPs".

Another difference between low-income HYIPs is floating income, which even more resembles Pseudo DU. With the right advertising campaign, a low-income HYIP lives on average for 2-3 years.

Mid-income and high-income HYIPs

These 2 HYIP projects offer investors 16-60% profit per month. Naturally, their lifespan is significantly shorter than that of a low-income one. The middle-income ones live up to several months, and the high-income ones may not live even weeks.

You can invest in HYIPs only through electronic payment systems. For the "hip builders" the anonymous Liberty Reserve was the ideal option, but after the US government shut it down, Advanced Cash is now being used more actively.

In the "tariff plans" of such investment HYIPs, a fixed income is prescribed, which depends on the amount of the deposit and the investment period.

An interesting moment! In medium- and high-yield HYIP projects, payments that go through the same Perfect Money in most cases are carried out instantly in auto-mode. Thus, you can quickly track the current state of the HYIP's solvency.




How are HYIP projects organized?

To organize a HYIP, one, maximum two people is enough. It's easier than it sounds! There are a lot of HYIP scripts on the Internet, and not expensive ones. These are ready-made, customized HYIPs that only need to be set up, replace the interface, upload to the server, link to electronic payment systems (EPS) and launch.

There are many similar projects on the net. But if it is easy to open and run a HYIP, then the situation with its promotion and attracting investors is more complicated. You have to try very hard to get people to invest. This task is greatly facilitated by HYIP monitoring - databases of new and old HYIPs, as well as tracking their activity at the moment.

Forums are full of discussions, debates and facts on this topic. On the same mmgp.com this is one of the most active topics for discussions.

Based on all this, you can build an exact scheme for the work of most HYIP projects:

  1. The creator (administrator) launches HYIP and starts promoting his resource on popular forums;
  2. New investors are attracted, more experienced ones come in first;
  3. After each contribution, the administrator puts a certain percentage in his pocket, and gives some part to referrals through an affiliate program. The rest of the amount "hangs" on the accounts of depositors so that they can withdraw them on demand;
  4. When the acceleration period ends, investors withdraw funds and profits, since the freebie cannot last long;
  5. Well, now it's all up to the creator, or rather his greed. After all, when the inflow ceases to compensate for the outflow, the admin will stop paying and take all the cash for himself. This period of "bankruptcy" is now called the popular word "scam". As a result, the high-level investor gets much less than if the admin was an idealist and paid out funds to investors to the bitter end, just until they were completely gone.

My experience and recommendations for investing in HYIPs

Making money on HYIPs is also work, so you need to analyze a lot. I warn you right away that these recommendations will not help you guaranteed to make money on HYIP projects, but if used correctly, you can achieve results of 3-7% profit per week.

  1. Try to enter the HYIP "on time": the first investors write about payments, and the admin began to smoothly buy ads on thematic forums.
  2. Try to choose the most flexible "investment plan" with freezing funds for the minimum term.
  3. Invest in a specific HYIP project only once, the goal is to break even faster.
  4. It is advisable to withdraw profit on a regular basis, depending on the investment plans. If the profit is accrued daily, withdraw it every day. If the profit is accrued once a month, withdraw it once a month.
  5. Pay attention to the originality of the legend and the design of the HYIP: the site interface should be intuitive, the design should look nice, and there should be no mistakes in the texts.
  6. If there are at least some documents and contacts on the site, then this, although small, is still definitely a plus for the project.
  7. Do not invest in HYIPs, the loss of which will have a significant adverse effect on your financial well-being. Invest only free funds.
  8. Expressed seasonality. In my experience, there are times when admins can't wait to pick up the entire checkout. Also, during these periods, the flow of withdrawals increases and the flow of investments decreases, which gives a high probability of scam hype. I advise you to withdraw funds before these periods:
    December (New Year) - at this time, money is always needed and a lot;
    Summer vacation (June - August) - investors withdraw money for vacation.
  9. When investing in HYIPs, use diversification. Distribute the investment amount between several HYIPs at the same time, this will increase your chances.
  10. Duplicate my investment portfolio if possible.

These are the simple moments of investing in HYIPs. Experience is gained here over time. I try to invest only in those HYIP projects that seem "strong" in my opinion. I publish such HYIPs in the "Investment Projects" section.