🥇Perfect Money (Perfect Money): registration, login to the wallet and reviews


Payment system Perfect Money (perfectmoney.com) is an offshore payment system, as well as the most popular and anonymous payment service, with which money transactions are carried out on the Internet with maximum confidentiality. Opinions about the payment system are very positive, moreover, registration in the system takes only a few minutes. For more details on how to create a wallet on perfectmoney.is - read on.

Review of the payment system Perfect Money (Perfeki Mani) in brief

What is Perfect Money wallet?

Perfect Money (Perfect Money) is an electronic payment system founded in 2007. Performs instant payments online and other money transactions on the Internet. It currently supports 3 currencies: euro, dollar and gold. Currency conversion after registration can be done through Perfect Money at the internal rate. It is also taken into account if the user wants to withdraw money with a currency exchange.

Many people use Perfect Money for money transactions. The services of the perfectmoney.is payment system are used not only by large organizations, but also by individuals, owners of their own Internet business. Developers of investment projects, who also register accounts for receiving payments, are no exception.

The loyalty of the administration, registration without any difficulties and low commissions made it a key payment method in the world of high-yield investments, where users constantly need to make a deposit or withdraw a profit. The Perfect Money electronic wallet has rich functionality and meets all the needs of users.

Perfect Money payment system has a fairly wide geographical distribution. But it received the greatest popularity in Asia and the countries of the eastern part of Europe. By the way, the largest number of registered users is in Vietnam - 13.49%, followed by Russia - 12.11%, then to Ukraine - 7.99% and Iran - 4.33%, and completing the list of registrations Germany - 4.19%

But Perfect has nothing to do with the Slavic countries, because the system was founded by foreigners Andrew Draper and Erich Hans. It happened back in 2006 - it was at this time that Perfect Money appeared, registration was carried out in offshore Panama. Since companies registering in this state do not need to report to the tax authorities, perfectmoney.is clients can be completely sure that information about their financial transactions remains confidential, even if they decide to withdraw money to another verified account.

The main office of the payment service is located in Zurich, but it operates completely under the laws of Panama, according to which customer accounts can only be blocked by a court decision. EPS itself is very loyal to its customers and resorts to blocking only in critical cases, so it has a reputation as a reliable, secure and confidential system that allows you to deposit or withdraw funds without any risk.

It is logical that in this situation it attracts not only honest and righteous customers, but also those who are not averse to laundering money through Perfect Money and the reviews themselves about the payment system confirm that people are interested in registering a wallet for a variety of purposes.

The main services provided by the payment system:
Registration of wallets for private clients and businesses.
Mutual settlements between users
Getting profit from online business, which can be withdrawn in a short time
Making payments
Storage of funds and the ability to receive monthly interest
The ability to buy currency and precious metals on the Internet
Payment for goods and services.

Not everyone knows that the service has its own unique feature in the form of accruing interest on the balance, if the user decided not to withdraw the balance, but to leave it in the system. Just for the fact that you keep money in your wallet after registration, you can get 4% per annum from the payment - such a low-interest option of passive income from Perfect Money, and reviews on the system confirm that users really receive these charges.

All users of the payment system are divided into three categories depending on the status of the account:
Normal is a standard account type that allows you to use all the functions of the wallet without any restrictions (you can deposit, exchange and withdraw funds).
Premium (Premium) - the status of an account on which large sums are turned around, and in addition, the status can be obtained by a member who has been working with Perfect Money for a long time (the account must be registered at least a year ago).
Partner (Partner) - a more serious status that is not issued to ordinary users. To receive it, you need to be a partner exchanger through which users can withdraw money, or have a business relationship with perfectmoney.is.

Not only the account status is indicative, but also a kind of Trust Score. Initially, it is equal to zero; in the process of working with EPS, rating points are assigned for certain achievements. Affect the rating of the account:
Account lifetime - the longer you have a Perfect Money wallet (counting down after the registration date), the higher the Trust Score will be.
Complaints from other users.
Transaction amounts (it doesn't matter if you decide to deposit or withdraw the amount).

The advantage of the payment system is the deposit settlement system, according to which users are charged interest on the balance of funds, regardless of when they were registered with Perfect Money, that is, this function is available even to beginners. In this way, over a year, it runs from 7% of profit and more.

To withdraw from Perfect Money, you can use bank transfer or exchange offices, such as Bestchange.

Many users distinguish the payment system as a system with low commissions, from which you can withdraw money with minimal losses. To date, the following tariffs apply to the Perfect Money wallet:
Balance replenishment via bank transfer: from 0.00%, via Bitcoin: 0.00%;
Currency exchange (euros and dollars): at the market rate;
Internal transfers of customers with a premium account, as well as all verified customers: 0.50%, unverified customers: 1.99% .;
Withdraw Perfect Money via Bitcoin: 0.50%, by bank transfer: from 1.50% plus bank commission;
Informing by sms: $ 0.10;
Annual customer service: $ 0.00;
Account recovery: $ 100.00.

Account security in Perfect Money

Perfect Money took care of the security of its clients' wallets during registration. The system has several ways to protect user accounts from hacking:

  • SMS authorization. The customer's profile is assigned his phone number. Subsequently, when the Perfect Money account is logged in, the transaction confirmation code will be sent to it. Such a Perfect Money wallet cannot be hacked without having direct access to the number of its owner specified during registration. Also, a message will be sent to the number when you try to withdraw money.
  • Profile authentication. The system recognizes the owner of the Perfect Money wallet by IP. If a user tries to log in from an IP address that is different from the one that was identified when starting this service, the system sends a PIN code to his e-mail. Reviews on Perfect Money claim that this is the easiest way to protect your account.
  • To confirm his identity, the user must enter the correct PIN in the corresponding line when logging into the Perfect Money account. If the code was entered incorrectly several times in a row, access to the profile is blocked. This procedure can also be requested when trying to withdraw money.
  • Code card. After activating this service, a graphic card with a selection of codes is sent to the email address of the Perfect Money wallet owner specified during registration. The system will ask for a code from this set every time you make financial transactions in Perfect Money, and user comments indicate that this is the way to protect your account is used most often so that cybercriminals cannot withdraw money from the wallet.

Why do you need verification?

If you are interested in registering Perfect Money for frequent transactions, then you cannot get away from verification. It is, of course, not mandatory, but after it is passed, the commission will be significantly reduced to 0.5% - given this fact, verification in Perfect Money will help you significantly save money if you want to withdraw money.

The personal identification procedure involves the provision of scans of documents that confirm not only your name, but also your actual place of residence (for example, a payment for utilities written out in your name). In parallel with this, you will need to go through phone verification. According to clients, the procedure takes no more than a minute of time, so many people want to go through it immediately after registration, so as not to return to it later when they need to withdraw money.

Verification is the process of confirming the authenticity of customer data, in order to provide documents, you need to log in to your Perfect Money account and go to the corresponding section of the cabinet. Verification in Perfect Money not only broadens the user's capabilities, but also REDUCES the commission for the transactions carried out by him, which allows him to withdraw funds almost without loss. To verify your account, you need the following data:

  • Passport / driver's license scan
  • A scan of a utility bill, which should indicate the user's name and place of residence, or a scan of the page with registration in the passport
  • Phone number.

Registration in the Perfect Money payment system

Before creating an account with Perfect Money, you need to familiarize yourself with the User Agreement, which sets out the rights and obligations of participants in the payment system. After completing the registration procedure, a letter will be sent to your mail, which will indicate a unique user ID - to log in, you will need to specify it in the login field when authorizing on the site.

Creating an account in the payment system is available to all adult Internet users, but there are also limitations: registration in Perfect Money is not available for US residents - the payment simply does not work with them, they can neither deposit nor withdraw funds.

As in other EPS, the creation of a wallet in the system is completely free, and if you wish to stop working with perfectmoney.is, you can delete your personal account at any time by sending a corresponding request to the administration. But before this step, you should think carefully, since the account recovery will cost you $ 100. If you do decide to do this, we recommend that you withdraw your entire balance in advance.

Instructions for registering and creating an account:

  1. You must click on the "Register" button on the main page and fill in all the required data. After that, you will receive a login to enter Perfect Money (Perfect Money) and you will get access to your account.
    Registration of multiple wallets.
    As I said earlier, when the registration of the Perfect Money account is completed, the user will have 3 wallets by default: USD, EUR, GOLD. Registration of an additional wallet is available (in total there can be 2 wallets for each currency). If it is necessary to withdraw funds, the user chooses exactly where he wants to withdraw them.


  1. Click on the "Add Account" button.
  2. Select the wallet you need and follow the link "Create a new ... wallet". Each of them is assigned a unique number that will be used to carry out monetary transactions.

How to get verified?

When registration is complete, you can proceed to verification, which takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Name confirmation. We go along the path: "Settings" -> "Edit profile" -> "Account verification" -> "Verification management". Click the "Select file" button and attach a scan of your passport / driver's license. Verification of the document for verification in Perfect Money will take some time.
  2. Proof of address. We follow the same path, click the "Select file" link and download the scanned utility bill. Information verification takes no more than 5 days.
  3. Phone confirmation. It becomes available after verification of the name and address. We indicate the phone number, and then enter the confirmation code that the operator will dictate to you.

Login to your personal account Perfect Money

You will need to enter your Perfect Money personal account when carrying out any transactions, regardless of whether you are just going to withdraw money or want to conduct a transaction through some third-party site using this payment system.

To do this, Click on the main page of the Perfect Money site - "Login", enter the received login in the "Client ID" field, then enter the password and captcha. Click OK. By default, you will already have three virtual wallets: GOLD, EUR, USD. Each of them will have its own unique number, which is required for transactions. The number of the USD wallet must be saved in the system - you will need it to convert currencies or, if you wish, to withdraw money.

If you wish, you can create additional accounts, it will not take much time. First, select the Perfect Money wallet you need and press the "Create new" button.

Account setup

You have passed the registration and the first thing you need to do is set up your account (you can log in to Perfect Money immediately after creating your account). To work with the payment order was as comfortable as possible and there were no problems, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Configure security settings.
  2. Set up notifications and public information.
  3. Pass identity verification with the provision of scanned documents, so that later you can withdraw money with a minimum commission.
  4. Create sub-accounts if necessary.

It is most important, first of all, to pay attention to security, since we are dealing with a wallet in which money will be stored, and hacking it is very undesirable so that attackers cannot withdraw them. Such settings may include the following security factors:

  • User verification by IP address. As soon as you log in from someone else's address, the system will immediately ask for a confirmation code, which will come in a letter to your email address.
  • SMS authorization. A certain fee is charged for this service, so customers of the payment do not often connect it, but this is also an option to secure the Perfect Money wallet.
  • Code card. The system will generate special codes for you, which will be requested during authorization. A great opportunity to eliminate the risk that attackers will try to withdraw the balance.
  • API. A feature that will be appreciated by business customers who accept payment via Perfect Money on their website.

When security is sorted out, you can move on to more pressing issues and set up notifications. The system will provide you with the opportunity to choose how you want to receive notifications about actions in your account (logging in, sending or receiving money, etc.), you just need to choose the option that suits you best.

Top up, exchange and withdraw funds to Perfect Money

There are two ways to top up Perfect Money and withdraw funds.

The first option is through the built-in ways that you can enter or withdraw money:

  • Bank transfer (minimum top-up amount is $ 300)
  • Bitcoin
  • E-voucher
  • Top up Perfect Money through the credit exchange.

E-Voucher Perfect Money - what is it? This is a quick and convenient way to receive and withdraw Perfect Money. It is extremely easy to create an e-Voucher:

  1. Log in to Perfect Money (you can log in from the main page of the site), go to the withdrawal tab. Select e-Voucher from the Output Methods list.
  2. Now we need to create the voucher itself. Click on the link
  3. We now have 2 fields: in the first we select the Perfect Money wallet with the required currency, in the second - the amount that we plan to withdraw.
  4. The final step is to preview the purchase before withdrawing your balance from Perfect Money. After this step, there is no turning back - the funds will be instantly debited from the account. Check if all the data is correct and feel free to click buy e-Voucher.

It is also easy to accept a voucher:

  1. This time we click on the enter tab
  2. Choose e-Voucher from the list given to us.
  3. Enter the required data.
  4. Select the wallet to which we want to withdraw from Perfect Money. Click to activate.
  5. Go to the main page - if everything is done correctly, you will see the funds on the selected account.

The second option to withdraw Perfect Money is through independent certified online exchangers.

You can convert and then withdraw money from Perfect Money using exchange offices. Fully certified exchangers are presented on the perfectmoney.is project website in the corresponding section (upper resource header). To find the most favorable exchange rate, you can also use special monitoring services. You can withdraw money through exchangers as follows:

  1. You can choose a suitable exchanger on the site bestchange.ru, which presents a large number of services that accept Perfect Money. You can read reviews about exchangers from those who have already managed to withdraw Perfect Money through them here, on the monitoring website.
  2. There is a very wide range of such projects. Your task is to determine the most profitable exchange rate to withdraw Perfect Money. In addition, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the comments of other clients about a particular exchange resource. It is better to always pay attention to other people who have already managed to withdraw Perfect Money
  3. If everything suits you, go to the project website and select the direction from where and where you want to withdraw funds. The column on the left represents the currency being sold, and the column on the right represents the currency being bought.

    Next, fill out the online form. In the line "Perfect Money wallet number" indicate the dollar account number that you saved when registering your account (U *******).

How to make a money transfer via Perfect Money wallet?

To send money to another Perfect Money wallet (to another person), you need to do the following:

  • Click on the "Internal Transfer" button
  • Next, you need to select "Single payment" if you want to transfer money to another person using the wallet number received during registration
  • You need to carefully fill out the transfer form: the amount, the recipient's wallet number and click the "Preview payment" button
  • The system will ask you to double-check the entered data and confirm the transfer. After that, you can withdraw Perfect Money from your wallet to another.

Internal exchange in Perfect Money.

If you need to convert money and even make money on speculation of rates, then you can do this directly through your Perfect Money wallet. For example, from your dollar wallet, you can transfer money to a euro account, and if you carry out the operation at a favorable rate, you will remain in profit, which can be immediately withdrawn:

  • You need to use the "Exchange" section through your Perfect Money wallet.
  • Next, an exchange form will appear, in which you need to indicate how much money we want to change and in which direction.
  • The minimum exchange rate is $ 1 or € 1.

The exchange rates at which the transaction is carried out are internal. Where they come from and how much they correspond to the real ones is difficult to say. But by and large, this is not so important information, the main thing is that the Perfect Money wallet has an exchange function and sometimes it can be very beneficial for the client of the payment, so many manage to withdraw a good profit from Perfect Money.


Perfectmoney.is advantages and disadvantages

Perfect Money wallet has the following advantages:

  • Anyone can become a client of Perfect Money, registration is simple and free.
  • A high degree of account protection, it is not authorized to enter the Perfect Money wallet, if you set the appropriate settings, it is impossible.
  • Anonymity and offshore system.
  • Low fee for transfers for verified clients: 0.50%.
  • The ability to receive 4.00% per annum on the account balance.
  • The ability to buy euros, dollars and gold on the Internet.
  • No transaction limits for all users of the system, regardless of their status. You can withdraw funds without any loss.
  • Automatic payment of bills on schedule.
  • API Merchant is a tool for making fast and safe money transactions.
  • The ability to pay bills with additional protection - protection code. If you decide to withdraw money through an unknown service, this will help you stay safe.
  • Availability of an affiliate program with a payment of 1.00% of the minimum residual amount on the referral's account.
  • An abundance of payment methods: banks, terminals, electronic systems, bank transfers.

Four main disadvanteges that Perfect Money wallet has:

  • Firstly, there is no desktop software in the system, which is why all monetary transactions have to be performed only through the browser.
  • Secondly, there is no direct exchange of funds between Perfect Money and other EPS.
  • Thirdly, the Perfect Money payment system has only three currencies, that is, it will be possible to store money in it only in euros, dollars and gold. You can also withdraw from Perfect Money only them.
  • Fourth, not all countries support transactions on this EPS.

Support service

For any questions regarding how to use the Perfect Money wallet, you can contact the technical support service and get a competent answer. All you need to do is create a ticket and fill out a short form, telling what question or problem you are concerned about.

Reviews about Perfect Money and my personal experience

One of the most popular payments in high-yield investments, by right, is Perfect Money. Comments about her on the Internet can be found at every step.

We have been working with this system for a long time. Basically, all operations with funds for investment are carried out through our Perfect Money wallet. Almost all investment projects work with PM.

Our opinion about Perfect Money: we advise, first of all, to go through verification in this payment system in order to reduce the commission for transfers. Well, in general, Perfect Money is a very convenient and necessary EPS, which should be in the arsenal of every investor.