Payeer wallet: reviews, registration and login to your personal account


Payeer (official site) is one of the most popular electronic payment systems (EPS) with extensive functionality and the ability to work anonymously with wallets.

Payeer: an overview of an electronic payment system

The Payeer payment system was launched in 2012. At the moment, this service is one of the most popular on the Internet. The payer's favor is the simplicity and ease of use, as well as rich functionality.

Using the Payeer payment system, you can make transfers, exchange, withdraw funds in real life and accept payments from other payment systems. Due to the convenience and functionality of the payment system, it is actively used in online investment.

Today, the popularity of Payeer is only growing, the payment system has taken an honorable place among the most demanded EPS. Read about the main advantages of the service and the features of using the Payeer wallet below.


Benefits of Payeer

The main advantages of the Payeer system include:

  • Payeer accepts orders for issuing offshore plastic cards MasterCard USD / EUR;
  • Works with three currencies: RUB, USD, EUR;
  • The system does not affect the anonymity of its customers - there is no verification procedure at all;
  • With Payeer, the user has the opportunity to replenish the wallet in many ways: both through a card and through other payment systems, which allows using the service as an exchanger, for example,;
  • The system rarely blocks the accounts of its clients;
  • There is a 5-level referral system.

Wallet security

The Payeer payment system offers a two-factor security system, when, upon entering, the user must enter a password and a secret code that comes to e-mail. Those who do not have enough of such account protection are given the opportunity for a separate fee to connect an SMS notification ($ 0.05) and install IP security absolutely free of charge.

Registration and creation of a wallet in Payeer

Instructions for registering and creating a wallet in Payeer:

Registration in Payeer will take no more than a couple of minutes.

  • Go to the home page of the site and select "Create" in the upper corner or "Create wallet" at the bottom left. Next, enter the mailbox address and the code from the picture. After checking the box to accept the terms of the agreement, click "Continue".
  • Then check your mail. The letter from the system will contain a code that must be entered in the next window. Check if all the digits of the code are correct and click "Confirm".
  • The next step is to create a password. The system itself will generate a strong password, but you can change it to your own on the same page. You will also need to specify a secret word that will help you recover your password if it is lost. After entering all the data, click "Next".
  • After this step, registration is completed and the system will offer you to save all important data required to access your account. You should keep them in a safe place, and it is better if it is removable media, and not a document with the eloquent name "Passwords". When you click "I saved", the system will transfer you to your personal account, completely ready to use.
  • Login to your Payeer account. In order to log into your account in the future, you must click the "Login" button on the main page of the site, which is located in the upper right corner. Next, enter your username / mail and password and you will instantly be taken to your personal account.


How to order and activate the Payeer MasterCard Platinum offshore card?

Instructions for activating Payeer MasterCard Platinum:

Each user can order a personalized plastic or virtual card in the Payeer system. Delivery of a plastic card will cost $ 9.95, and for replenishment of an account above $ 0.99, the system charges a 2.5% commission. In this case, the production, activation and maintenance of the card will be free.

Wave Crest Holdings Ltd., a Gibraltar-registered bank, issues cards for the Payeer service.

You can order a Payeer card in a few clicks:

  1. Go to your personal account and select "Create Payeer card" or click the button on the panel, as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Your Payeer card will be stamped with your first and last name, so you must provide valid data when registering.
  3. Specify the type of card and currency.
  4. Next, you should indicate a valid registration address, which will then need to be confirmed. If you want to order the delivery of the card to a different address (not to the place of registration), check the corresponding box and write down the delivery address. Then it is on him that your card will come.

    Here you can also choose the type of card delivery, on which its cost will depend.

  5. At the final stage of filling in the data for ordering the card, set the contacts for notifications, which will receive messages informing about the sending of the card.

  6. In the next window, check the correctness of the entered data and confirm the order for the Payeer card.

  7. The last step is to pay the cost of the card. If you have chosen a longer delivery time (10-25 days), then $ 9.95 will be debited from your account, if a faster one - $ 44.95. In the latter case, the card will come to you within 3-7 days.

  8. As soon as you pay the shipping bill, your newly minted card will appear in the "My Cards" section. You can get it in your hands after the number of days specified in the delivery terms - from 3 to 25.

    After ordering the card, a letter will be sent to your email, in which Payeer will inform you about the need to activate the card after receiving it.

  9. To activate, you need to go to your personal account, in the "My cards" section. Click on the red cross under the column "Activated" and, in the window that appears, indicate the last four digits of the card number.

  10. To verify the card, it is necessary to upload a scan of two passport pages for verification - the main page and the page with registration. Within 3-7 days, the data will be verified, and the Payeer card will go through the verification procedure, about which a corresponding mark will appear in the cards section.

Replenishment, exchange and withdrawal of funds in the Payeer payment system

Instructions for replenishment, exchange and withdrawal of funds in Payeer:

The "Transfer of funds" section is very convenient: you just need to enter the amount you want to exchange in the upper left corner, and you will immediately be provided with all the information about the operation: commission, request processing time, limits and the total amount.

The situation is slightly different with account replenishment. In order to deposit money to the wallet, you need to go through 3 steps, and only at the final stage you will be shown the real amount of replenishment (with the commission already deducted).

This is due to the fact that the system uses not only static (bank cards, other electronic payment systems, etc.), but also dynamic (exchange offices) transaction routes, the rate of which changes hourly. Therefore, it is impossible to calculate the commission of the system and its gateway in advance.

The procedure for replenishing your Payeer wallet is as follows:

  1. In the "My Payeer" section, select the "Deposit funds" tab;
  2. Indicate the amount of the deposit and the currency that you will use;
  3. Select an agent (method of replenishment) and confirm the operation.

You can withdraw money from the system in the appropriate section of the site. Specify the amount you want to withdraw and click the "Transfer" button opposite the payment system you have chosen. Withdrawal commission - from 3.9% and more.

To reduce the commission, you can use the services of external exchangers by choosing the appropriate rate on the website.

Payeer supports many ways to deposit / withdraw funds from the system. Among them there are plastic cards Visa / MasterCard. Many users prefer the Visa card, as it works with three currencies.

That is, with the help of Visa, you can replenish your account and withdraw funds from it in the currency that you need now, without conversion and associated costs.

Fees for deposit / withdrawal of funds

Payeer system allows making transfers even to unregistered users:

  • When sending transfers through this service, the sender is charged a commission of 0.5%, there is no commission from the recipient;
  • For currency exchange on Payeer, the commission is 2%;
  • Password recovery in the system - $ 0 - $ 0.50;
  • Connecting SMS notifications - $ 0.05.

Transfers to other payment systems are carried out with a commission:

Payeer - 0.5%;
OKPAY - 3.9%;
QIWI - 2.9%;
Yandex.Money - 0.9%;
Advanced Cash - 3.9%;
Bitcoin - 2.9%;
BTC-E Code - 3.9%;
VISA / MasterCard - 3.9%.

Payeer reviews, my personal experience

You can find a lot of reviews about Payeer on the Internet. This payment system is very popular both among investors and among investment projects.

I can note the following advantages of the Payeer payment system:

  • Payeer wallets almost never block;
  • No verification required;
  • Has convenient functionality.

Cons - high commissions. Moreover, they are taxed not only on external transactions, but also on transfers within the system (0.5%). This also applies to our bonuses -% of the commission when transferring a refbonus lies with the investor.

Payeer wallet news and updates

Payeer has made adjustments regarding transfer fees. If the wallet is linked to the project, then the commission is 2.95%. If the transfer between wallets is nat. persons - then 0.95%.

The Payeer payment system has reduced the commission from 0.95% for transfers from wallet to wallet, to 0.5%, forever.


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