How to create a HYIP yourself?

| 2020-11-05 12:40:34


Recently, HYIP projects have become more and more popular. Probably, many thought flew by: "Shouldn't I create my own HYIP?"

In this article, we will try to reveal the topic of creating a HYIP to the maximum - how to create a HYIP yourself, how to promote a HYIP and how much you can earn from it.

Create a hyip: an introduction
Before creating a HYIP, we advise you to familiarize yourself with what a HYIP project is and how it works - you can read about this in this article "What is a HYIP and how to make money on it?"

"Without labor - no fruit" - if someone thinks that the administrator has put his feet on the sofa and is waiting for the green fall, then this is not at all the case. Many, probably, do not even know how much work needs to be done on the project and how many pitfalls in this matter.

Anyone who has money can create a HYIP. This article will be useful to everyone - for future and established admins, for investors who, if not already in the know, will find out what path the admin takes before entering the arena of the hyip industry.

How to create a hyip? Where to begin?

Let's talk about how to create a HYIP from scratch. This is a rather time-consuming process that will require not only money, but also a certain amount of knowledge. In other words, before you create a HYIP, you need to know some aspects of this matter.

Legend. Creating a hyip from scratch starts with a legend. Here imagination comes to the rescue, because the more original the legend is, the better. What legends we have not met in this industry :) I remember there was a legend: "We sell cows to aliens, and we share the profits with investors." Ideally, a hyip story should be light, believable, original, well-presented and well-visualized.

Investment plans or marketing. Marketing is an important part of creating a hyip . This is where you have to use your mathematical and financial knowledge - you can't go anywhere without it. A lot depends on marketing: development strategy, project duration, costs, etc. This item needs to be thought out well, since it will mainly hold the interest of investors and the further development of the project.

It will be difficult to change investment plans later and you can consider that the project is doomed to failure. Also, I do not advise adding plans with mega% for a short time - in this case, your project will fly by. If you create a project with high interest rates, then only right away.

It's best to keep up with the times and use trending marketing. But keep in mind that today's top-selling marketing can easily become irrelevant the next.

Affiliate program. Affiliate remuneration should be moderate - not too high or too low. The norm is from 5 to 15%, while the marketing of the project must be taken into account. If it is a highly profitable HYIP, then 15% of affiliates is too much and there will be a large load on the cashier.

Payouts. Investors prefer the automatic payment type. Such a payment mode saves the investor's time and reduces his work - he made a deposit, ordered a bonus and the money is dripping. But for the project administrator, not everything is so simple: if you set such a payment mode, then you need to monitor the balance of funds on all payment systems, because if payments suddenly stop, word of mouth will begin and your project will be on the verge of failure.

Also, if you have set auto payments or instant, then turn them off at night, because while everyone is sleeping, hackers wake up, who do not care that you are an honest admin and wanted to make payments tomorrow. In a separate article, we have analyzed in detail each type of payment for HYIP, the advantages and disadvantages of each. A very good analysis turned out, a lot of newbie admins will save you from hacking.

There is one more point that few people pay attention to - sometimes the servers of payment systems are on technical work and payments may temporarily not work. In this case, chaos often begins. The situation is the same with the instant mode. It is best to set the type of payments to manual - many TOP projects worked with this payment mode.

HYIP creation scheme

  • Think over the legend. Come up with features to make the project unique.
  • Order turnkey HYIP in the studio.
  • Buy EPS wallets and connect them to the site.
  • Analyze sites for starting an advertising campaign.
  • Run the project.
  • Support the project, add new features and news, provide feedback with users.

Technical part of the project

HYIPs start daily and in large numbers - the conveyor of the HYIP industry works seven days a week and holidays, since the admins have grown up apparently invisibly. Each of them sees in himself a great schemer who will cut down a million in evergreen banknotes on a hyip.

But in reality, it often turns out that something suddenly goes wrong, because the great combinator was unable to take everything into account and therefore he was robbed / bullied, etc. Here begins a real trash and a search for the guilty, but why go to the extreme, if everything troubles can be prevented?

More often than not, the admin's ingenious plan does not work due to technical flaws. Admins are often very frugal people. Armed with the most deshman software, they set off to conquer the investment public. But just on technical parameters it is better not to save money, otherwise the investment resource will turn into a leaky trough through which hackers, thieves and everyone who is not lazy will penetrate to you.

In short: you need to create a HYIP with high quality from all sides, and in order to organize such a project, you need to work on the technical part:

  1. Domain;
  2. Hosting;
  3. SSL certificate;
  4. Scripts;
  5. Payment systems;
  6. Design.

Domain and hosting. Any site begins with the choice and registration of a domain and it is better to register it at a bulletproof registrar. Other registrars can block the domain if there is at least one complaint.

For the future site, you need to choose a hosting with good DDoS protection. There have not yet appeared those admins who underestimate DDoS protection and, as a rule, they screw up hard. To prevent this from happening and you do not lose your face in the dirt, this moment needs to be paid great attention.

You cannot put your site on a hosting that supposedly has DDoS protection and sleep well. According to the revelations of experienced admins, one can judge that hosters do not provide protection as such, especially do not expect prompt help from them when your site is under a powerful attack. So in such cases, a DDoS attack is tantamount to a scam, because while you rush in agony and look for a way out, all your investors will scatter for other projects. There are different security specialists, only they can help you with DDoS attacks.

Also, do not forget that hosting needs to be renewed monthly. This is worth remembering, otherwise a good bye project!

SSL certificate. SSL certificate is displayed in the browser address bar as a padlock. The figure below shows where it is.


What does an SSL certificate give us? Provides protection of personal data of users.

It will not be difficult to purchase an SSL certificate, since many companies provide them. You also need money to purchase it, but it is inexpensive. By the way, the SSL certificate needs to be renewed, or rather not even renewed, but to buy a new one and configure it using the same system as the first one. This is done once a year.

Scripts. Do not use scripts from unknown companies. Suddenly, their developers do not mind appropriating part of the money and took care of this in advance. It is very likely that while you are sitting there and counting your profit, the admin's cash desk went to travel to someone else's pocket.

The most popular and proven scripts over the years are H-script and Gold Coders. What is their difference? Part of the H-script code is open for change and you can write new functions, you can't do that with Gold Coders.

You can also try to write your own script - so you can add many functional features to your project, the site will be more interesting and unique. Writing your own script is far from the easiest thing. This is usually done when there is already some positive experience in HYIP administration.

Design. First of all, the design should match your legend. Colors should be light and not very bright. It would be best to create your own design if you are a web designer, or order from a web studio. You can buy a template design - it will come out cheaper, but it will be cheap for investors to perceive this project. And don't forget that the site interface should be user-friendly and intuitive.


Payment systems. Well, it is clear that creating a HYIP and not connecting payment systems is nonsense :)) The most popular payments are Payeer, Perfect Money and of course Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies. All these payments, except for the last one, need to be verified or you need to buy ready-made verified EPS-wallets.


Sometimes admins start a project with just one Bitcoin or another crypto, without traditional payment systems with USD. Such starts are arranged by experienced admins who know what they are doing and thus partisan (accumulate hyip time). It also gives smooth development. Only an admin who already has experience in creating HYIPs can try this option, while beginners are more likely to face a fiasco.

Many will be interested in the answer to the question: "How to make your own HYIP without investing money in it?" It is impossible to create a HYIP for free, you still have to buy something on the technical side, and it is better not to save money - "a stingy person pays twice."

How to create a HYIP anonymously? Personal safety

Experienced admins tell whole science fiction stories worthy of James Bond films about how they cover their tracks. For the period of administration, individual high-builders change cities and countries, buy routers, laptops and other equipment, which they simply throw away. We do not persuade to resort to such desperate measures, but it is elementary to change your IP-address in our time as easy as shelling pears.

Today, there are many ways to ensure your anonymity on the Internet. The most popular browser that provides anonymity is the Tor browser. You can read about how to set it up and use it on the Internet.

Also, to ensure the confidentiality of the transmitted data, VPN services will come to your aid. It is advisable to have a paid VPN service, so it will provide you with good reliability. Free options often screw up.


You can create a HYIP in a few days, or you can work on one project for a couple of months.

In order to save time and effort, you can use the services of specialists. So, you can order a turnkey HYIP project. Professionals will offer several options with adjustments for the HYIP theme and then simply assemble the site according to the layout.

Why is turnkey HYIP convenient? You don't have to figure out the intricacies of the code and script, they will do everything for you, all that remains is to work. Depending on the complexity of the project, creating a turnkey HYIP will take some time - from several days to 3-4 weeks.

Very often, HYIP studios offer several service options in the form of packages. They differ in price and quantity of work performed. For example, the cheapest packages may include only the creation of a layout and its layout for a script, more expensive options also include promotion, text content, technical support, etc.

A turnkey HYIP can cost from $ 500 to $ 6-7 thousand. Prices vary a lot, but there are many variables, including:

  1. Template;
  2. Working with the engine;
  3. Working with payment systems;
  4. Technical support;
  5. CMS setup;
  6. Setting up an SSL certificate, etc.

Buying a HYIP project means throwing off a lot of technical work, which will take a lot of time. Sometimes it's better not to bother yourself with unnecessary information and just buy HYIP.

Before ordering a HYIP project, you need to make sure of the quality of the services that will be provided to you. You need to choose only reliable studios that will take the task as responsibly as possible. There are many scammers on the network, you need to be careful and order work from a trusted service.

If you are completely new to this business or do not understand a certain issue, for example, you may know the "economics" of HYIP well, but do not understand the technical part, then the best option would be to seek help from professional HYIP makers. At the moment, the blog4invest studio is showing itself well in the market for providing all services for HYIPs (from some particular function to a completely finished HYIP project).

This studio has been creating HYIPs for a long time, the guys know their business well, they have a pretty good portfolio and not such biting prices. The site has all the contacts and FAQ on basic questions.

In general, this is all you need to know about how to create your own HYIP that will make a profit.

Let's return to the question of how to create a HYIP for free. It will definitely not work for free, but it is quite possible to do it yourself with minimal costs.

A striking example that immediately comes to mind is the Forex Brothers project. The admin is not a beginner, so he already knew how to create HYIPs. The entire investment project cost him $ 500 + initial advertising. The hyip went well. The investor could earn about 200% in 12 days. Daily charges. Turnover in the region of $ 50k. The admin worked well for investors and made good money himself.

But once again we remind you - when creating a HYIP, you need to adhere to all the recommendations that are described above.

In fact, you can talk about how to create your own HYIP project for a long time, since there are a lot of small details that must be taken into account. Of course, this is a rather risky venture, but the income can be quite solid.

How to promote a HYIP project?

Creating your own HYIP is only half the battle; you need to work hard to keep people in the project and ensure a constant influx of new investors.

The site should be constantly updated with articles, analysis and news from the field in which the investment fund is engaged. It is very important to organize feedback and reveal answers to all frequently asked questions - this can be easily organized using the FAQ.

Standard methods of hyip promotion are advertising purchases. Relatively quickly and with a small margin of error (according to our notes, the error is <20%), the amount and quality of traffic can be assessed by the service - Let's consider a concrete example:


To the right of the graph there are 4 parameters, 1 quantitative and 3 qualitative:

  • Total Visits - total visits per month. Quantitative indicator. The higher the better. If the traffic graph is not shown (as in the screenshot below), then this is either a glitch or there is no traffic at all. Try logging into Similarweb to change the service version to (in 90% of cases this will solve the problem).
  • Avg. Visit Duration - the average duration of a visit - how much time a person spends on this site on average. Traffic quality indicator. The norm for the HYIP industry: 2:00 - 3:30, 3:30 and more is a good level. Less than 2:00 - people on the site do not linger, the site's advertising campaign flows through low-quality non-targeted traffic.
  • Pages per Visit - how many pages a person opens on average on this site. Traffic quality indicator. The norm for the HYIP industry: 2-3, more than 3 is a good level. Less than 2 - the same moment - the site is not interesting to the user, low-quality traffic is purchased.
  • Bounce Rate - what% of people left the site immediately after entering. Traffic quality indicator. Good level: less than 60%. More than 60% - a lot of people leave immediately, low-quality non-targeted traffic.

It is very important to find the right resources for the development of your project and the more high-quality advertising you buy, the better. But you must understand that a lot of money will be spent on an advertising campaign. Do not be stingy to strengthen advertising with banners, branding, insurance where there is traffic and traffic may start - this will give a good effect, no doubt.

Non-standard methods of hyip promotion - holding various contests, promotions, distribution of bonuses, etc. Just keep in mind that promotions and distribution of bonuses do not always bring a positive for an investor. In most cases, investors perceive this as a wake-up call for a scam.

There are big misconceptions that it makes more sense to start a project on weekdays, because on weekends the activity of investors falls. We want to dispel this myth, because this is absolutely not the case, investors enter the project in the same way, regardless of whether it is a weekday or a day off, the activity is no different throughout the week.

More pitfalls

In this industry, you may face some serious problems that are almost impossible to foresee - these are wallet hacking, DDoS attacks, threats, blackmail, extortion from trolls, hackers and the like.

Blackmail is a separate topic. If you are being harassed and blackmailed, it is better to look for a security specialist. If you pay the blackmailer, they will let you go to the site for a couple of hours, and then again.

Rarely, but it happens that admins are deceived by scammers who pretend to be administrators of various advertising sites (copy an avatar and fake a nickname). It is imperative to check the contacts and data of the interlocutor on the website that this interlocutor represents.

It won't get any worse if bloggers and monitors refuse to work with you. And, by the way, if you think that bloggers do not recognize which admin is in a particular project, then this is not so. There is no need to tell fables, we all know. And if you are lying, then you escalate the situation more and more - it is better not to hide :)


Administration is not only an idle pastime, but also painstaking work, on which the success of the project directly depends. We hope that our recommendations for creating a HYIP will benefit not only specific admins, but the HYIP industry as a whole, eradicating stupid mistakes from it and allowing projects to work longer and better.

P.S. 2 experienced admins who wanted to remain anonymous participated in the writing of this article, and I, from the investor blogger, gave recommendations to future or already established administrators.

"HYIP is a business. As in other types of business, you need to work on it, think over an advertising campaign, marketing, etc. It is difficult for beginners at first, but then, after 3-4 projects, everything goes as it should. You can earn a lot here. , the main thing is not to give up and stubbornly go towards your goal :) "- Admin.