Deposit bonus (cashback)

| 2020-11-05 08:04:59


Deposit bonus (cashback) - the best conditions for our investors!

What is a bonus, what are its advantages and how to get it? What is insurance in HYIPs? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.

A deposit bonus (refback) is a return of a referral reward to an investor who has made a contribution to a particular project under our partner (referral) link.

Refback is an analogue of cashback from purchases. For a complete understanding, cashback is a return of part of the funds from your purchases to your account, respectively, a refback (bonus) is a return of part of the funds from your deposit.

Personally, I use cashback and it accumulates about $ 200 per year. The amount is not cosmic, but free, which is not bad :) I was looking for different services, for the Russian Federation and the CIS in general, Backit is best suited, there is the best percentage. For Ukraine, the best option is LetyShops, the site works quickly, the interface is modern and clear.

Cashback has only advantages:

  • Firstly, cashback allows you to break even faster.
  • Secondly, with cashback, the net profit from one project or another increases.
  • Thirdly, if the project is insured, you are claiming compensation in the event of a scam (project closure).

How the bonus is calculated:

Example: your contribution to project X is $ 200. Blog bonus - 5%.

Bonus = 200 * 0.05 = $ 10.

$ 10 - we send EPS to your wallet.

How to become our partner and receive a bonus (cashback)?

  1. Select one or several projects on the blog for investment (do not forget about diversification, it is better not to keep all your eggs in one basket, ideally divide the amount of the investment portfolio into 7-10 projects).
  2. Register in selected projects using our partner links. Before registering and ordering a bonus, be sure to read the important information that is indicated in the review article for each project.
  3. In the reviews of investment projects in which you have invested, you need to post a screenshot of your deposit in the comments. 
  4. Fill in the form
  5. If the project provides for a bonus, then each review article contains a link to the form for ordering a bonus in the form of a button "Bonus".
  6. You need to order a bonus within 24 hours from the moment of deposit. The faster the better.


Important! We pay the bonus to your EPS-wallet, which you indicated when filling out the form to receive the bonus.

Applications for bonuses are accepted only through the FORM indicated in the review article and the time allotted for submitting applications. All other options are excluded and will not be considered by the blog team as an alternative way to receive the bonus.

Attention, be careful! In Telegram and VKontakte, scammers operate who set themselves our avatar, introduce themselves as us and ask to clarify the login, e-mail in the project and other information, and then instead of you submit an application through the form, indicating your information, but their wallet for paying the bonus. Our official and only contacts are here.

Auto-bonus from the blog - immediately after creating a deposit in the project, you automatically receive% of your deposit to your balance in the personal account of this project. This bonus must be withdrawn to your EPS-wallet. If the project provides for an auto bonus, then this is indicated in the review article of this project and you do not need to fill out the bonus form.

Attention, very important! When you receive a bonus / auto bonus from our blog, be sure to unsubscribe under the review article of the project on our resource - this is one of the conditions for obtaining insurance in the event of the closure (scam) of the project.

How to find out the bonus percentage for a particular project?

In project reviews, we indicate the percentage of the bonus in the General Information section.

How to register with the affiliate link of the BLOG4INVEST blog?

All links that are indicated in the reviews go to the official website of the projects under our partner code. Before registering, we recommend that you clear your browser of cookies or register in incognito mode.

How do you know who your invitee is?

  • Partnership verification IDs with Blog4invest:
  • 4invest
  • Blog4invest
  • blog4investcom;
  • blog4invest_com;
  • b4i;
  • [email protected]

Important! Check who your invitee is before investing! If you invested without using our affiliate link, you will not be able to receive bonus and insurance. In case you checked your inviter and it turned out to be not our identifier - write to the technical support of the project to change the inviter to us (write to the technical support a list of our identifiers, they will figure it out).

The bonus is paid only to partners of the first level.

Bonus for the second deposit or reinvest

We pay a bonus for each contribution. Reinvest (reinvestment) is a re-investment of funds in a project, partially or completely at the expense of the interest received.

Attention! For some projects, in order to receive a reinvest bonus, you must first withdraw funds from your personal account to your EPS wallet and make a deposit again. If you reinvest from the balance in your personal account, then the affiliate commission is not charged to us and, accordingly, we cannot pay the bonus from the deposit in this case.

But there are also projects in which you can reinvest a deposit from the balance of your personal account and at the same time receive a bonus from the blog.

If you still don’t understand how to proceed, the option "withdraw funds from the project to your EPS and start over" works in any scenario.

Important! It depends on the correct reinvestment whether your deposit will be protected by insurance. If the project provides for a bonus for reinvesting from the balance, then be sure to apply for bonuses with each reinvestment. Firstly, it is the opportunity to receive a bonus from the blog. Secondly, an application for a bonus / reinvest is one of the prerequisites for receiving compensation.

If the project does not have a bonus when reinvesting from the balance, then in order for your deposit to be protected, it is imperative to completely withdraw funds from the project to your EPS-wallet and invest again. Then you can get a bonus on the new deposit and, accordingly, it will be under the protection of insurance.

Reasons for refusing a bonus

  1. You are not our partner.
  2. Inactive deposit. If you do not activate the deposit, then the project does not accrue profit to you, and we cannot pay the bonus. In most projects, investment takes place in two stages:

    First you need to top up your balance.

    Then choose an investment plan and invest in it from the balance sheet.

  3. There are times when a person replenishes the balance, but forgets to choose an investment plan. In this case, the deposit will be inactive.
  4. Change of inviter. If you made a contribution under a different inviter, but decided to change the inviter to us in order to receive a bonus from us, then in this case you will not be able to receive the bonus, since your first inviter has already received a referral reward for your contribution. Therefore, it is important to check who your invitee is exactly before the investment, and not after.
  5. The details of the EPS are indicated incorrectly or are not indicated at all. If in the application for cashback, you did not specify the details of your EPS-wallet or you indicated them incorrectly, then the cashback will either not be paid or will come to someone else's wallet.
  6. We invested in the day of the scam or after the scam of the project. If you entered the project on the day of the scam or after the scam, then we will not receive royalties from the affiliate program, and therefore we will not be able to return part of them to you as a cashback. In other words, we will not be able to pay the bonus.