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Bestchange exchanger monitoring is a unique service that provides objective information about Internet exchangers. The aggregator checks exchange services and presents on its pages only those of them that have a good reputation and favorable rates. In this article, we will tell you in detail about all the features of bestchange ru monitoring, the benefits of the service and the opportunities that it opens up to users.

What is exchanger monitoring for?

The modern Internet user not only actively uses the advantages that the global network opens up for him, but also willingly joins in financial processes. Anyone can create a wallet in any of hundreds of payment systems, buy on the Internet, earn and pay for any services. The use of payment systems has many advantages, but as soon as the question arises about the need to withdraw money offline or transfer it between payment systems, the user becomes stumped.

In this case, Internet exchangers will become faithful helpers, who are ready to convert money in various directions. It is convenient to use the exchanger, it does not require registration / verification and other intricacies, but there are dangers in working with them.

Firstly, not every site that looks like an exchanger really changes money and pays everything honestly, and secondly, it is not so easy to find a service with a favorable rate. Searching for such sites on your own, you run the risk of running into scammers, so you can't do without an assistant who will save your time and save money from being cheated.

This is exactly the function that the Bestchange exchangers monitor performs. It provides reliable information about popular conversion services, regularly monitors courses, and collects reviews. On their own, the user would need a huge number of hours to complete such a volume of work, and the service does everything automatically. Thanks to this, in real time, the client can get all the information he needs to quickly find the optimal exchanger.

BestChange is a monitoring of exchangers, which has been operating since 2007 and is a non-commercial resource. This means that users of the service do not need to pay money for its services, and in order to get to Bestchange, the exchanger must earn it with its work, not listing. Over the years of its existence, monitoring has proven itself from the best side and is the most popular service in this category - its functionality and objectivity of information make BestChange the market leader.

BestChange official website - general information

Bestchange has an official website in Russian and English, and it is simple and tasteful, not overloaded with unnecessary information and looks very clear even for a beginner. The resource is designed in pleasant shades of green, which was chosen for a reason, and is associated with money among clients. Monitoring is directly related to them, because just a few clicks separate the client from the desired amount on the payment system or card he needs.

Let's say right away that Bestchenj has an official website under three domain names:

  • - Russian version;
  • - monitoring in English;
  • is a mirror that appeared in 2019 after the blocking of the main monitoring site by Roskomnadzor (it was soon removed, but the mirror remained working).

They all look the same and have identical functionality, and are needed so that in the event of any regional blockages or encroachments by regulators, users always have access to monitoring services.

BestChange site navigation - main sections

BestChange monitoring is focused on its customers as much as possible, so the site is user-friendly and it will not be difficult to find the desired function or information on it. The top navigation menu will present you with the main sections:

  • Monitoring - it is in this section that the choice of the exchanger will be carried out according to various criteria, in fact, this is the main page of
  • Exchangers - a list of all exchange resources that are monitored. At the moment, the number of services reaches 439.
  • For partners - the terms of partnership with monitoring, here you can also register in order to get a referral link.
  • Applications - the page contains extensions for the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser. You can not only familiarize yourself with them, but also go to download.
  • Help - a guide that will allow a beginner to understand the features of monitoring and help to get started with it.
  • FAQ - Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions that will help you learn more about BestChange features.
  • Contacts - the page contains a feedback form, as well as mail for communication with the administration of the monitor.

Convenient functions

To make working with the aggregator not only comfortable, but also as useful as possible for the client, its pages contain not only statistical data, but also useful functions:

  • Calculator - allows you to calculate the exchange result, taking into account the commission of the payment system or without it. You just need to indicate how much you want to send or receive - the system will calculate the result, and also build the exchangers in a rating.
  • Notification - you can leave a request and you will receive a notification by mail when a certain course is reached in the direction you need.
  • Double exchange. Sometimes, due to the difference in rates on different exchangers, users can get a large amount after conversion if they make a double exchange. The "Double exchange" tab will allow you to calculate on which services it is profitable to carry out such an exchange.
  • Converter - will help you find out the amount of funds you have in a variety of currencies. You can find the converter in the footer of the site.

Official application of the service

In the "Applications" tab you can download browser extensions from bestchange ru, exchange office monitoring provides them absolutely free. After downloading, a button will appear in the menu of your browser for a quick transition to BestCheng At the moment, there are extensions for Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser and Mozilla Firefox.

In addition, there is a BestMonitor application for users of devices on the Windows operating system. Such a program weighs only 700 Kb, it can be downloaded very quickly to a PC, and after that, you can find out about exchange rates on exchangers even without a browser.

It will automatically collect information from monitoring and upload data on courses and reserves in real time. You don't even have to go to BestChange, the exchanger, the official website of the bank to find out the rate - all the information will immediately be presented on your device.

Advantages and disadvantages

Why Internet users can't do without Bestchange? Absolutely free of charge, you will receive a large amount of information necessary to make an exchange:

  • exchanger monitoring adds only trusted services that have a good reputation and positive customer reviews to its pages.
  • You have the ability to sort exchangers by rate, number of reviews, available reserve.
  • The Bestchange website will allow you to find out in what mode the exchanger works, whether there is an additional commission for conversion, whether funds are paid through third-party payment systems, whether there are limits on the exchange amount.
  • You can calculate the exchange amount, taking into account commissions, using the Bestchange calculator, find services for a double exchange, use the converter, and even request a notification about a favorable rate.
  • Directly on the monitoring site, clients of exchangers leave reviews about them, and you can personally make sure that the resource pays money.
  • There are a large number of exchange directions on Bestchange: cryptocurrency, fiat, bank cards and even cash.

In essence, the BestChange resource is unique, because it updates information around the clock with a second timeframe. While other monitors simply collect information about exchangers and update it once a year, in the case of Bestchange, monitoring takes place 24/7, which makes the service really useful and in demand.

BestChange affiliate program - how to make money

Monitoring of Bestchange exchangers, reviews of which you will definitely find out later in the article, offers not only a safe and profitable conversion, but also an opportunity to earn money. Anyone can use it, just register on the site and you will receive an affiliate link. Attracting new customers through it will allow you to receive up to $ 0.65 for each referral.

Participation in the affiliate program is simple and no active efforts are required from you. If you are the owner of a blog, website, service, or just a pumped-up account on social networks, then you can recommend monitoring to others and you will perform two useful functions at once - earn money and advise Internet users a good service that will definitely come in handy for them.

Some conditions of the BestChange affiliate program:

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1.
  • It is forbidden to follow your own affiliate links and cheat users.
  • The link must not be placed on boxes, as contextual advertising, in mass mailings, advertising sites, closed pages in social networks.
  • The reward is paid only in dollars, you can withdraw it to Perfect Money, Bitcoin, PayPal, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Payeer, Advanced Cash.

Currency exchange at - step by step instructions

Regardless of what direction you need - you will work with fiat or you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchanger on Bestchange - the process of choosing a service on monitoring is standard. First of all, you need to go to its official website, where all the necessary functionality will be presented right on the main one.

  • On the left side of the page, you will see a table with columns "Give" and "Receive". The lines below show the exchange directions that you need to choose. For example, if you have dollars for Perfect Money, and you want to exchange them for rubles in Advanced Cash, then in the first column of the table select "Perfect Money USD", and in the second - "Advanced Cash RUB".
  • After that, the page will be refreshed, and you will see on the right side of the table a list of exchangers that work in this direction. They will be lined up according to the course, but you should not immediately choose the very first one on the list, you need to consider everything properly. It is better to give preference to an exchanger that has a good rate, a large number of reviews (at least more than 1,000), converts instantly and is available to you by a limit.
  • After choosing an exchanger for Bestchange, its official website will open, where a standard exchange operation will already take place with filling out a short form. As a rule, it will be required to indicate the details, name, phone number or mail address.

How to connect your exchanger to the BestChange service

The exchanger can get to the Bestcheng only if it meets all the requirements that monitoring puts forward for such services. There are actually many of them, but this is a necessary measure that allows you to select really worthy resources. It is clear that many services strive to get on the TOP monitoring of BestChange exchangers, but only a select few succeed.

In order for your exchanger to appear on Bestchange, you need to fulfill a number of conditions, otherwise you will not see traffic from monitoring:

  • The exchanger must have a unique name, be in operation for at least 6 months and have a total reserve of at least $ 5,000.
  • You need to provide an export file of rates, which will allow monitoring to learn about changes in rates and reserves in real time.
  • Availability of secure HTTPS encryption.
  • The main exchanger should have clear information about the operator's work schedule, exchange regulations and contacts for communicating with the support service.
  • The site itself and the support service must be Russian-speaking. The response time to clients should not exceed 1 hour.
  • The exchanger's website must have a logo or a BestChange button.

If the exchanger offers a rare direction for which there is a demand among clients (for example, a cryptocurrency exchanger at Bestchange), then the monitoring administration can make an assignment and add a resource even if it does not meet any criteria. But again, exchangers with a bad reputation, template resources that have poor preparation or very small currency reserves cannot get to BestChange.

Bestchange ru (BestChendzh) - reviews and personal experience

Monitoring clients rate its work very highly and consider such an aggregator to be an irreplaceable assistant in exchange transactions. The versatility of the service allows not only finding a resource for exchanging fiat, but also performing a profitable cryptocurrency exchange, and Bestchange guarantees the honesty of this transaction.

For 13 years BestChange has been fulfilling its mission with high quality, and it deservedly occupies the TOP positions among similar aggregators. Judging by the reviews on the network and based on my personal experience, I can say that taking advantage of the conveniences that Bestchange provides, you probably do not want to waste time and effort on an independent search for exchangers in the future.

It will be extremely useful both for beginners who, without such an advisor, can easily run into scammers, and for already experienced network users. I will not deny that I have been recommending to my partners for a long time and I myself am happy to use its services in order to perform a fast, profitable and safe conversion. news and updates

Access to the Bestchange monitoring service was restricted in the Russian Federation. Alternative access to the resource site from the territory of the Russian Federation is possible at this link.
Blocking access to the official site, for citizens of the Russian Federation, is no longer relevant. Roskomnadzor has removed all restrictions from the monitoring service.
Access to the Bestchange monitoring service was again restricted in the Russian Federation. Alternative access to the site of the resource from the territory of the Russian Federation is possible through the mirror by the link.